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Restylane is Fantastic for Deep Nasal Labial Folds and Lip/chin Folds

About two and one half years ago I decided it was...

About two and one half years ago I decided it was time to get rid of my nasal labial folds. They were pretty deep and also made me look sad and a little angry all the time. I had Restylane in my nasal labial folds, my upper lip (to even it out and turn those downturned corners "up") a little bit in that fold between my bottom lip and chin.

I'm 61 and last week I was with my grandaughter and a man thought I was her mother - she's 17!

Wow, you look Great !!! I am 60 yrs old and considering Restylane. I have the exact same promblem with my nasal labial folds that you had. Also due to past smoking I have lines above my lips. How long does Restylane last?
It depends. Mine lasted about 4 years but I think I was the only one who noticed them coming back. If you don't want a face lift it's the perfect remedy. Have to tell you, though, I was very very bruised and I, typically, don't bruise easily. I did Arnica Montana (pills) for about 3 weeks before. Other people have hardly any bruising - but after a few days it was easily covered up with makeup.
Anjelica Huston! In Smash! That's who that 1st pic reminds me of.
Dr. Sidney Kass

Dr. K is a doctor and an artist! He knew exactly what to do to make me look fabulous. He's done injections on his wife, who is a nurse, so I had someone to view other than pictures. I felt I was in good hands with both of them.

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