Microdermabrasion Facial Was Fabulous

I had a microdermabrasion facial because I wanted...

I had a microdermabrasion facial because I wanted to help clear my face from some brown sun/age spots. My skin feels better than it has ever felt and I will definitely be back for another treatment.


Jill - Thanks Jessica for your skin care tips. I'm happy to hear of another peosrn who keeps a daily routine simple. There are so many products and ads out there to entice us, but I've also found that simple is better for me. I use Cetaphil, clindamycin gel in the morning, Differin in the evening (both scripts from my dermatologist) and Eucerin daily face lotion with SPF. Occasionally I'll pat on a drugstore eye cream. That's it. I'd highly suggest to anyone the importance of seeing a reputable dematologist. It's made all the difference in the world for me with breakouts. I'm going to check in with mine about a chemical peel. Thanks for the suggestion.Bring on the scarf ideas! I love scarfs, wear them often and am always looking for new ideas.

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Hi TracyL,

Have you gone back for another treatment? How is everything going now. It sounded like you had such a good experience, would you mind sharing pictures?

Thanks for being part of the Microdermabrasion community,


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