Looking Good So Far!

I am 4 days out from my procdure and am about half...

I am 4 days out from my procdure and am about half way through the peeling process. The skin underneath is very red, but most definitly smoother! I had 2 areas of dark spots on either cheek, both are completely gone along with some upper lip wrinkles. My face felt so tight today I had to put the Aquaphor back on (you're only supposed to use it for the first 48 hours) and my face feels much better now. The area around my eyes and lips was much more sensitive during the procedure but the rest of my face was not to painful. So far, I am amazed with the results!

laser procedures have to be evaluated at least two weeks after the procedure, better one or several months. before that you have micro-swelling that covers up all skin imperfections like wrinkles, pores, scars etc.
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