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Mixed Results with Restylane

I tried Restylane twice - once in my nasiolabial...

I tried Restylane twice - once in my nasiolabial folds and once in my marionette lines. I would definitely recommend it for NL folds; I had it injected there last year with fantastic results. I didn’t feel a thing and it filled out the lines wonderfully.

My marionette lines, on the other hand, didn’t go so well. First of all I should mention that I have chubby cheeks so they are much deeper, but I didn’t find that Restylane did a damn thing to help. Some results would have been nice. This was earlier this year and I did it specifically because of the success with my NL folds.

I went to two different doctors but I don’t think that is the difference in my results. The more I read the more I find Restylane is for very fine lines. Products like Juvederm are meant for deeper lines and creases. However, I don’t know why a board-certified dermatologist would dispense Restylane for deep lines if he didn’t think it would work. If that’s not what it’s for then he shouldn’t do it.

One thing I would never do is go to a spa for injections (you know those beauty spas that sprung up when Botox came out?). I will probably try Juvederm in my marionette lines next but I will go to a real doctor. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t pay a little more just for this peace of mind; after all, someone is sticking needles and injecting things into your face. You kinda want them to know what they’re doing!

So next for me is Juvederm and I might try that in my NL folds too and see what I prefer there. I think Restylane is cheaper but that’s not the only factor I’ll look at.
At this point I would recommend Fractional CO2 laser and you will be much happier. You may have a lot of skin laxity.
Restylane advantages are you won't need testing ahead of time for allergies to this product, it is made of only no animal sources, the effects last the same amount of time as collagen fillers do, it has a record of safety that has been proven, it is only temporary though but can last from six months to a complete year. microsoft ontwikkeling
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