Mixed Results from Laser Hair Removal

I have mixed results from laser hair removal so i...

I have mixed results from laser hair removal so i am not sure if it is worth it or not. I had it done on my bikini area and my face. It did work on my face but not so well on the bikini area. It also took me just 4 treatments to get the face clean but the bikini area , even after 6 treatments, still has some hair growing back. I have been told to come again for a few more for the bikini area, but from the amount of growth that i still have, i don't know if i will be able to get rid of all hair afterall. The pain is totally bearable. My bikini area was far more swollen than my face and the face recovered earlier as well. The redness and the swelling took 10 days to go away completely. The pain and the rash is not my concern, getting laser to work on my bikini area is.
laser hair removal for men did wonders for me
So worth it! By the time I am finished with all my treatments I will have paid somewhere around $2000.00, but where I get the treatments done they accept a monthly payment which works great for me. It is good for 14 treatments. I have had 6 treatments so far and have hardly any hair left I noticed results about 2 weeks after the first time and it just keeps getting better. I'm having my full legs, feet, brazilian, & underarms done. It is the best money ever spent! I am so comfortable with showing off my body now that I don't have to worry about razor burn or ingrown hairs. It hurts a little the first few times especially in your underarms, but as time passes & you have less hair then the less the laser hurts. There is never any pain afterwards just minor redness around my hair folicule and that goes away by the next day. When I read some of the other comments about blistering and burning from the inside, well that seems a little harsh & maybe you should check out some more reputable companies. I on the other hand am so happy with the results.
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