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4 treatments.  Lots of discomfort after, lots...

4 treatments.  Lots of discomfort after, lots of swelling and redness, e.g. couldn't really go anywhere for at least a day, preferably a couple of days (and that's w/constant ice packs, lots of makeup).

After the flaking stage, I actually loved my skin, it looked beautiful.  However, about 9 months after my last treatment I went to Florida.  Even though I was lathered w/sunscreen and reapplied every 1/2 hours, I ended up with bad melasma typle brown areas--seem to mirror some of the laser passes in shape.  These have not gone away, even though it's been 10 months since the melasma 1st appeared.  I am leery of spending additional $$$ on fraxel, though my doctor insists that this is the cure for my melasma.


Thanks for being honest about the sunscreen. You really have to think like a vampire...lol! That's how serious the sun is when doing procedures such as this and for some people it's not worth the trouble. Seriously, try the IPL Photofacials you will not regret it! If you're unsure go for one session and ask them to do it at a high level and the next day you will see the brown spots get darker and fall off! IT WORKS...truly amazing! If I start getting discolouration from fraxel I will be doing them again myself. Keep me posted.
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I have had 2 treatments of fraxel of the 5 that I purchased. I have noticed improvments of 25% to my acne scarring. I have deep pores and scarring around my chin and temples from playing football, and I have to admit that my confidence is up dramatcially. The doctor mentioned to me that I am an ideal canidate due to my light skin color. I would recommend the procedure to anyone who is looking to get it done. I paid $2500 for my 5 treatments here in Salt Lake.
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Glad you had good results! I had really good results too (at first) but recommend, from experience, that you get the best physical block sunscreen available and avoid the sun like crazy, so you don't get melasma...I too have light skin and was an ideal candidate, but now have brown melasma riddling my face.
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I don't think the doctor and staff spent enough time, were clear enough about the possible negative side effects...they downplayed the melasma side effect as being more common in folks w/darker skin.

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