I had it done to soften wrinkles above my lip-line - Mixed Results - Overland Park, KS

I had a series of 4 fraxile treatments in early...

I had a series of 4 fraxile treatments in early 2007. I had it done to soften wrinkles above my lip-line and the verticle lines along the sides of my mouth. I was told the results could take up to six months (so I don't "get" the ladies here who says "after a few days I could tell the difference"). Anyway, I did get some change. The lip lines were softer - not gone. The fold on the right side of my face softened too. But on the left side the fraxile actually "plumped" the area on either side of the crease, making the crease itself look deeper yet. Even the doc agreed. About six months later, while I was in for the botox shot, the doc told me the procedure had gotten better, and suggested that I try two more treatments to see if I couldn't get somewhat better results. I agreed - and it was different. It gave me a red fu manchu mustache for three weeks! I've had one of the two, and won't know for awhile whether it works better.


The hyperpigmentation is an indicator of severe damage under your skin it will not go away with more treatment and only gets worse.... See my pics GET YOUR MONEY BACK Doctors are selling this because of the profit margins until we start asking for our money back they will keep offering it.... This laser is dangerous and disfiguring I get emails everyday from women who are scarred and disfigured...
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Hi again, just looked at the article on kate silverton. I think it's disgusting the way we have been treated - once all the money is taken - aftercare!!
i had a fraxel treatment 5 weeks ago and also found it swelled up on either side of the crease on the left side of my mouth became more emphasised. Did it eventually reduce for you?
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