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Mistake That Turned Gorgeous

I actually had a combo Yag/Erbium laser resurface....

I actually had a combo Yag/Erbium laser resurface. It was quite painful. I felt as if I were on fire for nearly an hour. I also experienced hyperpigmentation on my chin and between my eyes.

To be honest, I regretted every single second of this procedure.However, I am now nearly 4 months out and love what I look like. It was worth it. Just know that the deeper they go, the longer the healing process. If you expect immediate results, this isn't for you. Give it time and work with your doctor. I look 10 yrs. younger.


My redness didn't go away for a year so I had to get ipl treatments. Lucky it worked for you, maybe your doctor was more fimiliar. As soon as my doctor saw scars forming he ran out of the office. Didn't even get rid of the scars I went for, only made it worse. Destroyed the skin around them. Made crators on my cheeks. I can not recomend someone taking that kind of a chance with so many other lasers on the market today.
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Dr. Vernon Farthing

Dr. Farthing listened to me and worked through every problem.

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