Price Gouging--not Sure What Action I Should Take Next - Columbia, MO

I paid in full for smart lipo of the flanks, arms...

I paid in full for smart lipo of the flanks, arms and inner thighs. I also paid in full for a complete tummy tuck. My issues are not with the results---but with my PS office staff that continue to price gauge me.

I was told that they would be running one of my credit cards for $7,380---instead they ran it for $7,830 ( when I went to them and showed them where they wrote 7,380, the PS's wife who runs the office, said that the $500 was for a discount on multiple procedures that was applied towards the initial charge of $11,500)

As I was having my smart lipo done--my PS said he was conservative and would rather not take too much off--since we could always do that at another time. He said this in every area.

So I went back to have him take more out (because we agreed there wasn't much difference in my thighs from the before and after).

All is fine...until the secretary asks for $500 when I am leaving. I said I am not paying anything, I already paid for the procedure in full-this was still part of the initial procedure since he was admittingly conservative with removal. The secretary actually told me to just pay $250, I said no. She said, "how about $150 and I am sure Chris (PS's wife) will let it go".

I said no. Definitely getting a feeling of unprofessionalism. The secretary winked and said she would talk to Chris, while I am looking at her in disbelief.

Now I get a bill ( 3 months later )for $450, with a note attached to go to collection. What do I do? I have heard this PS's office has done this to someone else, so I feel that it is the principal AND I now am not comfortable going back to him for his "ONE FREE TOUCH UP" that they advertise. I feel that I should take legal action, and possibly turn the office into a medical board (he is a board certified physician)...but I am not sure how to do it. Any ideas? I am really frustrated---I know whats right and wrong, and this is definitely WRONG.

I had the same thing happen to me, I had to deal with Chris back in 2000 and again in 2001 when they had to do my touchup work, They got over $20,000 from me and the work was subpar, he did not remove enough with the lipo and left me huge flaps (dog ears) when he did my tummy tuck, he did not excise enough skin and it looked horrible, when he did went back in to remove the dog ears he took more from one side than the other, it looks stupid, and I got charged over $1500 for the touch up by him and another $1500 from the hospital, they lied and told me that they had an agreement with the hospital (regional hospital) and that I would not owe a dime for the touch up work, the hospital told me that was a lie.

Hi kinserkk -- What a predicament! Do you still have a copy of your contract/paperwork with the original price and "free touch-up" guarantee? This will be your best defense.

If your contract says $7,380 and you were overcharged then you can do a chargeback with your credit card company. You can also dispute the touch-up charge if it's in the contract.

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Dr. Kaplan

Office staff--namely dishonest wife who is very unprofessional and greedy

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