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I wore braces at age 33 to 35 to help correct my...

I wore braces at age 33 to 35 to help correct my TMJ I also wore various appliances before the actual braces I had great results. Not only are my teeth pretty but my TMJ problem was dramatically improved.

Glad to hear you had such a great experience & outcome. You mentioned you wore various appliances before your braces. It seems some people have a hard time committing to wearing those types of appliances & just generally can't get use to them. Do you have any tips or tricks you would share with someone like that?

My TMJ had cause me headaches an pain for so many years I was ready to try anything. The first appliance I think was called a Gelb
and it actully pushed my lower jaw foward a bit which was soothing.
The worst appliance fit in the roof of my mouth and I turned it with a tiny key twice a day. This helped enlarge the area, it was the most discomforting. The last appliance was a type of retainer and caused my speech to be slured.
Then the braces. It was all worth it. No more TMJ pain at all. I am still very careful not to overextend my jaw i.e. biting into a whole apple or something hard. Plus I have straight teeth.
Dr. Spencer

Very proffessional, great atmosphere, worked with me on payments, very considerate of my TMJ problem and he specializes in this area.

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