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Ok, I am 26 with 5 children. My last two were...

Ok, I am 26 with 5 children. My last two were twins. Ages 9, 7, 2, and 3 months. I know it will still be a while before I can have the surgery but I am scheduled for a consult Feb 24 so I can get as much information as possible before I have it done. I have the so called "twin skin". It isn't as bad as most I've seen but its still enough to make me feel bad about my body.

My husband has been great. He swears it doesn't bother him, but seriously, how could it not? He's being super supportive of whatever I want to do.

My biggest worries are about the surgery. I'm scared of going under, I'm worried about blood clots, wound healing and scar tissue forming a weird and ugly scar. I've previously had 3 c-sections and my ob said there was a LOT of scar tissue. So it worries me that I may end up having complications with a tt scar if my body makes so much scar tissue. O..what to do..I want it very badly but I keep reading all these ladies on here who say its not worth it or that they had really bad experiences. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

I just read your question about the swelling on top of your belly button. Did that ever went away? I have the exact same problem and my doctor did aspiration but nothing came out, i had my px in miami but i live in nyc so i can't see the doctor. I'm dying to know!!! lol he said is more likely swelling, fingers crossed!
My husband, too, was super supportive although he would occasionally say something like he hated to see me in pain. However, he, just as I expected, was so strong through the whole thing, and now...NOW his is absolutely crazy about the result! He will be so happy, and you'll be just fine. Don't worry--focus on the positive and it will go much easier.
Mommy, since you are lucky to have extra time to get in shape for this surgery, I suggest you do things like planks to get a stronger core and back. Anything to strengthen the back will be good. I don't know about others, but my back has gotten the worst of this deal. I cannot wait until I can go to the chiropractor and get my back "un-jacked". I like your mantra "happy stories" and yes you can be one of them, keep believing that!
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