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I've been reading this site since Sept 2012 when I...

I've been reading this site since Sept 2012 when I put down my deposit for a tummy tuck. I'm now 2 days PO and hope I haven't made a huge mistake. I've been laid up in bed and have been reading this site and can't figure out why my PS didn't do lipo in addition to my TT and why he used staples. It's now Friday night 7 p.m. EST and I want to cry. I won't be able to ask until Monday morning at my "staple removal" so now I have all weekend to fret. :(

I'm swollen and anxious. I'm sure I'm worrying for nothing but I've put a lot of people out of their way to get this done.

My main motivation for this TT was the constant...

My main motivation for this TT was the constant itching I had from my c-section scars. 6 kids. 2 c-sections, 3 natural and 1 final c-section. My final c-section was a real hack job by the resident doctor. I had got to the point I was scratching myself raw from the overhang. I won't go into all the gory details but not looking 5 months pregnant was only a secondary consideration. I'm hoping Monday the nurse has no problems taking out the 51 yes 51 staples holding me together. One has turned slightly and feels like it's killing me every time I move. I do have to say I've already noticed a huge difference. No itching down below but is that because I have other pain to worry about :)
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Not sure yet how to rate. Feeling a little anxious

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Hi there, I too had staples, 63 to be exact, my stepdad counted. :-) Mine were due to a big risk of infection from hernia repair. But I'm really worried about how the scar is looking. I get staples out tomorrow. Could you tell me how your scar is coming along? Post a pic maybe?
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Welcome to the community.  Hang in there and take it one day at a time.   

Not all doctors do lipo with tummy tucks so no worries.   I have never heard of staples being used for a tummy tuck so that is a new one to me.   I would not worry though.  I would bet this is a technique your doctor has been using for years with positive results.  

Try to relax and keep on top of your pain meds.  And if something feels totally off please call the doctor.  That's why they are there:)   Keep me up to date on how you are doing.

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I had staples with one of my C-sections and stitches with the other. The staples left a nicer scar! And on my second C-section I remember being disappointed that I didn't have staples. Don't worry yourself, just relax and heal. Drink a lot of water.
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Don't be worried a lot of surgeons choose not to do much lipo or any at all with their TT procedure so there is less stress to your body. Apparently lipo can be a real beast. My surgeon only does lipo on the abdomen with a TT he wont even consider doing any other unless scheduled for a separate time. Also different surgeons have different methods of closing their incisions so don't fret about your staples I've read blogs from other women that had staples too. Keep your head up you'll be fine!
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