Fractional Laser For Deep Acne Scarring - Mississauga, ON

I am getting fractional laser treatments as I have...

I am getting fractional laser treatments as I have deep acne scarring. The first treatment was really harsh as my skin was very red and bleed from different spots. It started to peel the second day and it went better after few days. Its been a month my skin kinda look the same. After a month I got second treatment she didnt treat the way it was treated the first time. I mean it wasnt painful but the technician said she used deeper and higher beam this time. My skin turned pink as I got home I just want to know that on my second treatment she should be using higher beam or less. But my skin wasnt looking bad at all as it was on my first treatment. Please let me know what to expect on the second treatment. It should done same as my first treatment. Please let me know so I can ask her. She is a technician not the doctor I am really concern about my treatments. Spending 3300$ for 6 treatments.

I have done two sessions and I think I had the same experience because it felt like my doctor didnt use a higher beam and my recovery was quicker. However I am not happy with the results and I will get another session next month. Can You plz send me pics I wana compare it with my face coz I had it done two months ago
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