Received Beautiful Breasts 5 Months Ago but Wish They Were Bigger, What Now?

I had 34 c breast when on birth control, after...

I had 34 c breast when on birth control, after going off them and increasing my work-out routine, my breasts shrank. had size 32 a, wanted bigger.

received my 34 c size back..... but after living with D breasts for 4 months i was a little sad when they settled down to a c

I'm 115 lbs 31 years old I am very happy with my breasts and don't want to create a problem by going bigger but if the risks are minimal.... I would like to way my options with professionals.

I had saline implants 5 months ago, via an...

I had saline implants 5 months ago, via an axillary incision, placed submuscular, 390cc. Now that they have settled, I wish they were as big as they were post op. They are beautiful, but, what are my options and risks for going bigger?
Hi Danielle, can you give me some suggestion, we are from the same place and I've been doing a lot of research to get a better deal and a good quality procedure. They are very expensive...Pls. tell me your doctor or maybe I can use your name that you referred me..
Thank you
Where did you get your surgery done? What is your doctor's name
The "wish I'd gone bigger" you describe is pretty common. Going bigger will be pretty straightforward. First go back to your surgeon to see whether he/she would be willing to arrange for a discounted price on your redo. Additionally, your surgeon will already be familiar with your surgical history on a personal level, so no surprises there. Just be crystal clear on your goals. Bring in photos of the look you want to achieve; if you don't have any photos, browse online or through magazines. Cosmetic surgeons tend to work from the perspective of the artist's eye and not a specific cupsize, even though they do have considerable science behind them. If possible, see if your surgeon offers post-operatively adjustable implants, so that you can tweak your size (larger/smaller) to suit, until you've settled on the size you're happiest with. Then it's just a minor outpatient surgery to remove the fill ports. Something else to remember is your post-op recovery for simply changing out your implants should be considerably easier than for your original surgery.
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