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My appt was at noon and I did not see the doctor...

My appt was at noon and I did not see the doctor until after 2. His staff seemed polite yet awkward. When he came into meet me, he didn't introduce himself just started talking and mostly to the paper in front of him not to me.. he didn't ask me or tell me what he thinks I should do.. he was just checking things off on the paper.. and going on about how some procedures are stupid (Example textured implants or teardrop implants). He didn't look at me when he talked to me.. he seemed rushed and not at all interested in finding out why I was there and what my goal was. He seemed very occupied and disoriented. He did not ask if I was healthy - just checked off that I was - meanwhile, I have renal failure and this procedure may need to be confirmed by my regular doctor first. All in all, I waited for so long, I didn't feel as if I got any information out of this doctor.. this consult made me uncomfortable and scared of doing the procedure rather than the other way around.
I've met with dr Jugenburg. He was very helpful and polite and told me what he thinks I should do based on the results I want and also said that I could get away with bigger if i decided to since I'm so tall. He recommended I do saline through the armpit ... Because he said that with my situation you probably couldnt tell the difference between saline or silicone. It's 6500. But I've heard saline ripples ? Is that true?

I am sorry to hear you had a disappointing consult. This does happen occasionally for one reason or another, but it can be rather frustrating. I always suggest getting several consults anyway, so don't give up. It's important for you to feel comfortable with your PS before you move forward with your procedure. Looking forward to your updates with hopefully some good news! Thank you for sharing on RealSelf!

Count your blessings that you made a very wise decision! I had an abdominoplasty with Dr. Weinberg and he ruined my physical appearance. I also had a terrible experience the night after the procedure and had to rush to emerg in middle of the night. He has mislead me deliberately and I would not recommend him to anyone.
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