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Exilis to Reduce Belly Fat - Mission Viejo, CA

I had four Exilis treatments to reduce belly fat...

I had four Exilis treatments to reduce belly fat that I just could not exercise or diet away. I like to stay in shape and that little extra in my tummy bothered me. The Exilis treatments felt like a hot stone massage and were very relaxing. My pants are now looser and I feel more comfortable wearing a bathing suit! I am thinking of trying my thighs next!

Hi, I saw your review and was hoping you could answer a couple of questions... I am considering Exilis and had a consult today in Fountain Valley. I went in from a coupon for a deal. They pitched me a minimum of 6 treatments. I am 5'10" and a size 2.... I seriously question their pitch as to really needing 6 treatments. It felt more like a plot to get me to commit to paying $2180 when I probably only need the absolute minimum. I noticed you said you had 4 treatments for the same area I am considering. How long did it take you to see the results and was 4 treatments the minimum suggestion? Where did you get your treatments? I am in OC too. Thank you!
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