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My lashes are long, I want them thicker. I have...

My lashes are long, I want them thicker. I have only been using for 2 weeks, My eyes are a little red I am not sure if its product or lack of sleep. My co-worker has been using for 4 weeks and definetly see improvement. My doctors office had a buy 2 for 200.00 or 120.00 a kit. Great deal.

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Great price for 2 kits 200.00

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I started using Latisee about 7 weeks ago. I have noticed longer lashes for sure. Are they thicker? I am not sure...the jury is still out. I sometimes forget to use it every single night. I do notice occassional itching and skin around my eye seems darker. I may or may not get it again. I think it is overall a good product, but is it worth it, time will tell.
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