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Going in for my consult in a month. Everyone says...

Going in for my consult in a month. Everyone says to "do your homework". I have been going back and forth over this decision for almost 2 years now. My husband tells metro go for it. I should mention that I have recti diastasis and an umbilical hernia. I look about 4 months pregnant in the evening. I'm 5'9 and 140lbs. I do Insanity and p90x and does nada for my abs. So, back to the point of this entry, what qualifies for a successful per op visit? What are the questions you wished you would have asked?


Welcome to RealSelf.  I am happy you joined us and look forward to reading about your journey.  

Here is a link to some of our doctor Q&A's on What to ask during a consult.  

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