Tummy Tuck with T-incision

I am 42 years old - a runner and yoga teacher. ...

I am 42 years old - a runner and yoga teacher. Two C secsions left me with excess skin, and 3 abdominal surgeries left with me a "ledge".

I am very pleased with my tummy tuck with a few exceptions.

1 I am concerned about my vertical scar - it opened up where my old belly button was, and has very dark skin stretches around it - hoping it will eventually heal.

2. Said scar will be above my bikini line - need to go for the high-rise bottoms now which is a bummer to me 3.

Large pocket of swelling above my horizontal incision on the right side not going anyhere aspirated once, and 4.

Still a lot of stretch marks. I thought more would have gone away.

All that being said - I'd do it again in a heartbeat - I feel fantastic in my clothes, and am hoping that time will cure the rest.

I had atummy tuck 7 weeks ago. My surgeon used a T incision on me, as I had a lot of stretch marks. I have two questions 1. Can you have a "dog ear" at the top of the vertical incision, and 2. The stitches didnt hold where my old belly button used to be - now I have a hole - or a second belly button. The skin around this hole is very dark and ugly. I am wondering - is this normal, and will this heal eventually? I dont smoke am in very good physical condition, I LOVE the part from my new belly button on up though!
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Spent a lot of time with me in the weeks following. Personable and caring.

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Hi, was your old belly button eventually healed & closed up. I'm having same issue after 6 months post op. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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Have you got any photos of your tatoos over your scar?
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would you please let meknow wher you got this price ?
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Do I have all the money up front for this, or can i make payments?? someone please help. thnx.
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I ment, Do I have to have all the money up front, or can i make payments? Someone PLEASE help!.. thanx!
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While 7 weeks is not enough healing time I would be concerned about the dark area and stay in close contact with your doctor-what does he say about your concerns? After healing up all the way I put tattoos over my scars so I could wear lowrise swim suits. Just my opinion of course but felt it better to have little flowers show than the scar.
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