Hard Lumps After Breast Reduction from 44DDD / E

I had BR reduction because of the pain, headaches...

I had BR reduction because of the pain, headaches from my head to my shoulders. I was 44DDD to an E. I thought would be a great thing. I would had enjoy this more if my doctor and his nurse were not so, they need to learn bedside manners.

I had a breast redcuation November 13. I quite happy with the result in my back. But underneath my armpit that goes to my the underneath of my breasts (both sides) it is hard, and swollen. I don't know if it is swollen because of the hard lumps. is this fat necrosis? and will hot compresses and massaging help.


The hard lumps could be fat necrosis. But usualy fat necrosis is not in tne arm pit. Confront the doctor with your concerns, Mammogram will tell if these are fat necrosis. As for the nurse and her manerism confront her with the Doctor in the room and inform them of their nonproffessional behaviour
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the few times i saw him it was for 5 mins. Other then that i dealt with his nurse who was just mean.

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