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I decided to have pixel laser done just on my...

I decided to have pixel laser done just on my forehead, i thought i would start small and decide if i liked it to take it from there and the cost didn't help much either. It has only been 7 hours from my treatment and my skin is bronzed and blotchy. I have a fear of going any where because of the face that i have aquapfor on there and it is very oily and my hair sticks to it.

From the numerous reviews i read i never saw anything that said it was going to turn my skin BROWN. The procedure itself wasn't too bad and as of right now pain in minimal. I hope the discoloration goes away soon. hope this helps.


Hi monroe,

Wow, 7 hours you are on top of your review ;) As for your current coloring after your procedure, you might want to check out the answer to the question in our doctor Q&A Help with Healing after Pixel Laser? It might provide you with some useful info. Oh, other community members have mentioned be careful of going out into the sun, so they suggest if you do major sunscreen or sun hat, just passing along info. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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