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Trouble Breathing After Dysport - Minnesota, MN

I received many injections of dysport to my face...

I received many injections of dysport to my face and even upper neck. This was the first time I tried dysport; in the past I simply used Botox. A week or so after receiving dysport I developed difficulty breathing. I have never been diagnosed with asthma and I have never smoked. I work out on a regular basis and am in good shape. There is nothing in my past medical history to lead me to believe that anything other than dysport can be the cause of my breathing difficulty. At this point I am on two inhalers and an oral medication to improve my breathing. I can only hope that dysport leaves my system sooner rather than later.

Wow, that would be a bit of a frightening experience. So sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm curious if you used the same injector for the Dysport as you had for the Botox in the past? Also, did they give you Botox injections in your next before?


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