Lump After Tear Trough Fat Transfer - Minnesota

I received fat grafting when I had a bilateral...

I received fat grafting when I had a bilateral brachioplasty. My surgeon told me that since we were taking the fat from my arms, we could use it under my eyes instead of doing a lower lid blepharoplasty. The fat transfer did nothing for me, and left a lump under my right eye.

He also did a brow lift to address my severe upper eyelid drooping. All I wanted in the first place was an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Nice and simple. All he needed to do was remove some skin. Instead he talked me into the other surgeries which did not work out.

The brow lift did NOTHING for my excess skin on my eyelids. The only positive to come from this was that he did a good job on the brachioplasty. I am furious about the rest. An open brow lift is a big procedure....and it was for not! Buyer's beware!! Go with your gut instinct and don't let them talk you into procedures you don't need.

I have not posted in a while, but I also had a horrible experience with a under eye fat transfer that left lumps under my eyes. My PS also did a brow lift, my brows were UNEVEN. One higher than the other. My whole face was a mess. He corrected the uneven brows, but I am still in recovery mode trying to get rid of the under eye lumps. This has been the year from hell for me. I have had some 5fU injections any am just STARTING to recognize myself after a full year. Very sorry about your experience. Thank goodness for this blog !
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