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I am considering a breast lift with implants. I am...

I am considering a breast lift with implants. I am currently wearing a 32D (warcoal brand). My breasts have no volume left and are just saggy pieces of skin. I breast feed each of my children for over a year each.
I'm not set on a certain "size" that I want to be afterward because obviously size can be misleading. I just want to have nice full breasts that I feel comfortable with.
My children (who are 7 and 4) often comment that my boobs are "long"....ugh.

I'm also looking to get some lipo of the inner/outer thigh (my saddle bag area). I'm pretty petite (5'1 115lbs) but you can't spot tone and I've wanted that area gone since I hit puberty.

I've had a few consultations already but not sure if I'm completely ready!

So far I think Dr Leigh at Edina Plastic Surgery, but I have one more consultation with Dr Tholen at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery.

If anyone has any recommendations in the MPLS area, let me know!!
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Look forward to following your journey!
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I was in the same boat as you! I really liked Dr. Vogt (he us an older gentleman with LOTS of experience) at Wayzata plastic surgery. I was confident with him for two reasons. He was very polite, responsive, and informative at our consult (his staff was amazing and kind), and I also know 3 other people who have had work done by him, all with fabulous results. One lady had a breast reduction, with a lift and tummy tuck, the other 2 ladies had breast augmentations. Of course, everyone heals differently, and different complications can arise, as with any surgery. The most important advice I can give you is rest, rest, rest for the first week! Plan to do absolutely nothing but get waited on! As an active mother of 4, this gas been VERY hard for me, but the thought of having any complications is a good reminder to keep me 'being lazy'! Good luck and I hope this comment helped you!! :-)
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Thank you for sharing your journey on RealSelf. Glad to hear you are getting several consults. You may already have a list of questions for your consults, but just in case, here are some great questions to ask your PS. You may also want to have a collage of your wish boob photos to share with your PS to ensure you're both on the same page as to your desired outcome. Keep us posted on your research!

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