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My nose (bridge) got broken in a fight in year...

My nose (bridge) got broken in a fight in year 2000, and that was 2nd time it got busted... I was 19 y/o then. Since then I was thinking of straightening the bridge and narrowing the tip as it was on the larger side, so my doc offered me to do that as well "while i'm at it".

So the surgery went fine, I went back and removed the cast 8 days later. I liked what i was seeing. Few days on-swelling is down. im starting to get doubts about the new nose. I don't know anymore if I like it or if i like the whole thing i went through, at times i get this thought like "what the hell have I done?" Sometimes I think that doc went too far changing it, like its much different from what i thought i'm getting, other times I like it and i think it looks fine.

My girlfriend says it looks good and hardly different...Its confusing because I do like it, like the change and its ok when I talk to strangers who never met me before...then I catch peoples looks at work and I look down, they act not the same towards me either but no one is saying anything, i feel like I did something horrible. I'm feeling paranoid and depressed. All I wanna do is stay at home or move where nobody knows me. I really hoped aftermath will be totally different, now i'm more self conscious than before the surgery. I really hope these kind of thoughts are temporary and inevitable (normal) 2 weeks after surgery and I hope it'll pass.

Please advice. Meanwhile i'd also like an advice on medication ( I read that it helps) I could take to lower anxiety. I wont be adding doctor or location. My doc was voted top surgeon of the year in my state. And i'm sure what i'm going through is not his fault at all. He did a great flawless job. Thank you.

i am going thru the exact same thing as you, except i only broke mine once, and i constantly have this paranoia of seeing people i know. i hate it, i fixed my breathing as it was terrible now its really good, i look at it sometimes and think its completely different, some days it looks similar to what it used to be. but seeing people i know and constantly thinking about their judgements raises my anxiety, if i could go back i would, regardless if i couldn't breathe properly form my nose, rather live with that then this anxiety

I'm so sorry you're suffering anxiety right now! You can call your surgeon and ask about anti-anxiety meds (I take an SSRI myself, when needed). Adjusting to the change on your nose can take some time, though. Fingers crossed that this is just part of the normal healing process and you'll feel like your old self soon.

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