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The Retin A "Truth" : a Dilemma - Minneapolis, MN

This is so scary. Started for acne flares (I'm 44...

This is so scary. Started for acne flares (I'm 44 female) and derm winked and said hidden benefit is that helps with wrinkles. I was psyched!
Started 5 weeks ago. Read up that it's fine to use around eyes, so figured why not!

-My eye wrinkles have gotten so much worse. Bags, troughs, crepeiness
-Easily 10 years older in the course of a month.
I've read countless reviews.
Half say 'hang in there, it gets better and you'll be glad you did. '
The other half say 'quit immediately: irreparable damage that they wish they'd never have used in the first place.'
I really want to keep the faith and power through if this is a phase, I feel ridiculous for posting a repeating theme, but it's just so frustrating trying to assess the real TRUTH of Retin A!!!!??
Frankly, I'd rather deal with acne than looking Benjamin Button!


I am going through the same thing. I don't want to discourage you, but the skin under my eyes never went back to how it was. I used a Tretinoin Creme (0,5%) for less than 2 months. It's been almost a year :(
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Hi there, I have had the same reaction, I am devastated, I look 10 years older and I only used it for 4 nights, I only had a little bit of a bag caused by a few wrinkles, I now have malar lines and bags under my eyes, I look terrible, I have even gone to the extent of buying clear lens glasses to hide the malar lines, however, There is a lady on here somewhere that I have been told about, she says that she had the same problem, also enlarged pores, she said that it took time but they all cleared up, however again I don't know if she had stopped using the retin A, I am trying to find her post.........why can't something good happen for me like it does other people? I always make the wrong decisions :-( xxx
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Retin-A with the community, I am so glad you did. Sounds like you are off to a bit of a rough start but are going to continue. Have you followed up with your doctor? What strength is your Retin-A?
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Dr. Anderson

Doc was great

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