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Not Painless - Minneapolis, MN

I am 51, in great shape; except around my middle....

I am 51, in great shape; except around my middle. This is not for the faint of heart; the suction is different to say the least. Get past the first 3 minutes and it goes numb and is easy to take; just a bit uncomfortable. After they take off the suction and massage the numb area, it gets a little odd. I felt a little queasy.

I'm less than a week after - you WILL hurt; take aspirin or Aleve or something, don't try to suffer through. I got no bruising at all. I am still a little numb, especially in my lower abdomen. Remember there is no such thing as an easy fix. You will feel that something has been done. Make sure you have some clothes that are a little looser than normal over the area you have done.

They told me I should see a good result - I took the higher suction level they prefer. Time will tell. They indicated they are seeing the "real" results in 3-6 months.

Crutchfield Derm

The staff that did the procedure told me what to expect. That was crucial or I might've freaked out! They were very informative and super nice.

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im very interested in tha procedure
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Yes it was very painful during the procedure and afterwards I had cramps for 9 days then it subsided and its been 2 months and I am VERY happy with the results! It easily scaled down 2-3 inches from my lower abdomen! Now Im ready for my outer abdominal sides to be down!

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I too wanted to have this done but I asked them to place it on me and show me how much fat would be sucked up. THE PAIN was soo bad it felt like someone is standing on top of you pulling your skin and belly button to the cieling as if they are going to hurniate it and rip it. Like a rat in a can and someone is standing with a blow torch and it is tearing and digging into you. I said TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF PLEASE HURRY TAKE IT OFF. Those 20 seconds felt like eternity and you are supposed to endure 10min of it till that thing cools, walk out of there, and endure 10-14 more days of agonizing pain with advil? LOL Hmmm I don't think I can take it. Ask them to try it on you please. See if you can stand it.
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I am 50 and had this done 5 days ago. Man! it felt like my guts were getting sucked in! I might add I am real skinning with a little tummy pouch. My pain is the same. Now I am experiencing short pin like pinches soreness and mild cramping. My tummy is completely numb, sitting at a desk all day is difficult. My Doc and staff were wonderful and I would highly recommend them. Just waiting for the pain to subside and I will give an update on the progress... I was assured all these sensations were normal... but if yours is real bad, can't hurt to call the Doc... Would love to hear your results.
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Your comments are helpful. I'm on day 8, and the pain is still there - feels like I imagine a hernia feels. Not as painful to the touch, but the pain has gotten worse overall. I'm 52 and wondering if this was a bad mistake. I'm interested, since we're about the same age, if your pain was similar - sharp little pinprick bursts of pain near my navel and off to the side. Reclining seems to help (hard to do at work). Never had cramps this bad. Help - should I see a doctor?
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I'm with all of you. It is day 8, the pain is worse, my stomach is so swollen I can't get any of my pants on, and it burns and throbs and itches. NONE of this was explained to me. The day after I was so swollen, I looked like I was five months pregnant. I can't sleep. I can't imagine why this is taking so long to go down. Also, I had to miss work all week, AFTER I wen to the ER because the pain was so bad. Really think I made a mistake here. I never even saw a doctor!
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The pain went away around day 8. swelling is down, so now it's let's see what happens in the next few months!! thanks for the note.
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Welcome to RealSelf, yeschick. Hope you're doing a bit better pain-wise by now.

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