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Hi there, I am going from a 34DD to a C. 5'3 125...

Hi there, I am going from a 34DD to a C. 5'3 125 lbs. 36yrs old. Surgery on Oct 10th. Wondering what items I will need to purchase to prepare for the best outcome pre and post op!! Creams, pills, tips n tricks for healing and being comfortable etc etc etc!!! Nervous and excited! Thankful for this site!! xo


I am very excited for you!!    Here is a link to my list of items to consider.  

Keep in mind that some of these are in reference to a tummy tuck and will not apply.  The supplies and swelling tips do apply to both:)

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Best advice I can give you is to rest, rest and rest some more. Just bc you start to feel better, doesn't mean your all healed. Believe me if you overdo it you will pay for it. Another tip drink lots of water. Good luck, I went from 36DDD to 36C and it has been life changing. You'll never regret it!
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I took 2 1/2 weeks off work ! Do u hv any recommendations on scar cream? Did u purchase a post op bra that u liked?
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