Day 9 PO! Feeling good!

I'm a 39 yr old RN and mother of 4. I'm about 5' 1...

I'm a 39 yr old RN and mother of 4. I'm about 5' 1.5" and 122 lbs. My kids range in age from 6 up to 15 yrs old. I breastfed all of them. In fact, when I added it up, I've spent over 7 years of my life breastfeeding. That certainly does a number on the girls! I started out as a small 34B or 32C. With pregnancies and breastfeeding, I'd go up to a wonderful full 34C, but each time I would completely deflate. I've been left with very small deflated 32Bs. With nipples that fall into my breast. That's a good look.

Anyway, after years of going back and forth on the subject and getting basically NO support from my husband, I've finally decided to just do it already! I'm so tired of not fitting properly into clothes, bathing suits in particular. Plus, I'm totally disproportionate. I carry all my weight in my hips, which makes them look even bigger and my top look even smaller! I'm so excited to finally look balanced! I'm going with about 340cc silicone unders (size may be tweaked a bit, still a little unsure). I'm aiming for a refill basically, so if I could end up at a nice 34C (or 32D) I'll be very pleased. My biggest concern is that I'm going to be too full on top. I don't want it to look like I'm wearing a push-up bra when I'm not even wearing a bra, KWIM? And I don't want what my husband likes to call "eyeball boobs" LOL! (If you've seen the movie Ted, that's even funnier.)

Speaking of my husband (of almost 19 years!), he's being irrational in thinking this will get me all this attention from guys (please!) and can't seem to wrap his brain around the fact that I'm doing it for myself, not anyone else. He's starting to come around now, and is reluctantly supportive, but he's still being incredibly insecure about this whole thing. Has anyone else had this problem? Good grief! You'd think he'd be excited! LOL

Tomorrow I go see my regular MD for my pre-op. I'm going to go pick up my meds as well. I've been given Rx's for keflex, percocet, zofran, celebrex and a muscle relaxer that I can't remember the name of. I'm also going to pick up some arnica.

I'm taking about 4-5 days off from work. I'm really freaking out about this. I can't afford more time off (fairly new job, no sick/vaca time). I'll work in labor/delivery, but I'll be needing to keep it low-key (i.e. no actively laboring moms) or stick to post-partum for awhile. Any other nurses out there been back so quickly?

Thanks for reading! Whew!

Photos added! My girls have served me well, but...

Photos added! My girls have served me well, but they are looking mighty sad. LOL

I meant to add, gravity (and age) is a bitch. I...

I meant to add, gravity (and age) is a bitch. I went in for my pre-op yesterday and discovered I'm not even 5'1.5" anymore. And here I thought I was rounding down when I said that. I used to be 5'2", then I was 5'1.75". Now I'm only 5'1.25"! Good grief! At this rate I'll be under 5' by the time I'm 50! On a positive note, I'm all cleared for surgery. I got Rx's ready for pickup and I have my arnica. I also have been wearing around some 340cc rice hose today, trying to figure out if it's too big. I feel like I'm all boob, but my husband didn't even realize I had them in. Lol. Maybe that means it's a good size.

Now if I can just stay healthy. I'm finally recovering from a lovely stomach bug that had me in the ER getting IV fluids, and now my daughter has a fever and sore throat. And she slept all night breathing and coughing in my face. Ack!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I think you have really pretty, perky breasts, but I can't see them in proportion to the rest of your body, either. I totally get the feeling that your hips are wider than your upper half. I have that, too and it kinda stinks.

Your husband is probably not only insecure, but worried about you coming through this okay. We all know you will, but surgery seems really scary to some people.

Please keep us posted. And you might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery.

Thanks for the compliment! Perky - now that's not a word I've heard associated with my breasts in a long time! I think these pics must be misleading. They do look kinda perkier than usual, but they must photograph well, because they certainly aren't so perky in person! LOL And there is definitely a proportion issue too. If I wore I nice size 0, they'd be great! Good point about my husband. He would never admit being scared, but he did seem awfully concerned about dying when he had some minor surgery recently. He always said it jokingly, but I'm pretty sure he was scared. I suppose he could be feeling the same about me. I'll have to go easy on him.
Just scanning info... Seen ur pic, youll have some killer boobs girl. Look like you have lots of potential. Myself on the otherhand blossomed very early and very quickly to a DD. Ive lost them over the years, and they look older than hey should. A breast lift w implant will be the way to go. Now what to do about all of the strech marks.... So ya good luck hon, hit me up some time if u want to chat *Tiffany*

OK, I've been wearing around some 320cc's (bumped...

OK, I've been wearing around some 320cc's (bumped down from 340's) and although it isn't much different, it seems like a better fit. I went out and bought a 34C bra (I'm really a 32 band, but when you're going cheap at Target, you gotta compromise - they don't carry 32D). The 340's were spilling out. 320's seem to have me filling it out nicely and looks/feels better to me. So does that mean I should just have the 340's put in? How much do you loose again when they're under the muscle?

Plan for the week:
~Soak in the tub tonight while I still can (I'm really going to miss that!)
~Pick up some Bromelain tomorrow from the local co-op (or Walgreens)
~Head to the chiro for one last adjustment on Wed
~Crank out some serious homework by Thursday (I'm back in school for my BSN)
~Work the next 3 eves
~Eat a nice 3am meal early Friday morning
~Check in for surgery Friday at 1130 am!

Officially starting to freak out here!
Hi autumn21! My surgery is set for 1100 on Friday and I'm trying to stay busy so I don't freak out too! I have 1 more day of work and then I'm off on Thursday. I have all my supplies and I feel fully prepared, THANKS to this website!! I originally planned on 350 cc Sientra silicone unders but last week decided to have 380 cc on hand after reading so many comments about wishing they went bigger. I'm going to submit a review with pics since I know that this will be helpful to everyone visiting the site. Good luck Friday and we will have to stay in touch to compare our recovery!
Good luck tomorrow! I haven't had time to totally freak out yet. I just got done working 32 hrs in the past 3 days, 45 since Sunday. I will have plenty of time to freak out tomorrow waiting for my check-in time!
Best wishes to you, too It's my time! Please let us know how you are doing whenever you feel up to it! We are rooting for you AND the "girls"!

Down to the wire now. In less than 12 hrs I will...

Down to the wire now. In less than 12 hrs I will be the proud owner of some nice boobs. Funny though, i'm kinda mourning my current ones. It's a little bittersweet. I'm even a little sad about getting rid of my old bras. I had some pretty ones. And they did a good job making the girls presentable. I'm gonna miss them. I'm totally crazy aren't I?

In case anyone was wondering, I accomplished my list, except for the homework part. Who can focus on biochem when obsessing about boobies? LOL. Hopefully I won't be too loopy to work on it this weekend.

Good luck to all the girls going in tomorrow!

I'm sitting at the surgery center now. Just...

I'm sitting at the surgery center now. Just waiting to go back for my pre-op, surgery scheduled for 12:30 this afternoon. Butterflies have officially set in! I'll try to update again later today when I'm feeling up to it. Eeeek!
YAY good luck today
P.S. I too, felt the bittersweet thing. It is a bit sad to say good-bye to your old boobs...that is a healthy sign that we love ourselves regardless ;) I did not know anyone else felt this!!! I posted those feelings somewhere in here as well.
Good luck girl ;) You'll be fine and it will look fabulous!!!! Xo

Had my surgery yesterday afternoon. I got some...

Had my surgery yesterday afternoon. I got some propofol and fentanyl in my IV and the next thing I knew I was in recovery. And oh boy was I in a lot more pain than I was bargaining for. Not gonna lie. The CRNA said that their PO nausea rates are at about 1%. Of course I was in that 1%. I knew I would be. Everything makes me nauseous. No vomiting though! It took me awhile to get up and out of there. Every time they'd try to sit me up I'd get dizzy and hot and more nauseous. I slept the hour drive home and pretty much the rest of the day. I've been keeping up well on my muscle relaxant and zofran for the nausea, but I didn't get up the nerve to take any Percocet until bedtime. Too bad I don't tolerate it well because it sure helped the pain. I slept good at least!

My pain is improving today. It's mostly in my sternum. And my ribs. Jeez! They are tender, all the way down! I've also been taking arnica and eating pineapple. Hopefully that, in addition to the Celebrex I just took, will help.

I head in for a post op check this afternoon. My PS is going to show me how to move the implants. It doesn't sound fun. The girls are looking pretty good though, considering. They look just like what I would look like with initial milk engorgement back in my breast feeding days. I have no bandages on. Looks like my incisions are superglued. I'm only wearing the compression strap thingy. No bra for 6weeks with the exception of the built in shelf type camis if I want. I was thinking I'd end up with 340cc, but apparently I have really wide boobs - BWD of 15R/16L! With a rib cage of 28, that seems big! No wonder bras don't fit me well. Anyway, ended up with 420cc mods!

I'll try to get pics up later if I'm feeling up to it.

Stupid upside-down pics. Why does it do that?

Stupid upside-down pics. Why does it do that?
looking good!
If you email RealSelf they will straighten out your pics for you. Welcome to the other side!!! :)
Glad you are on the recovery end of things!! I remember when I first got mine when I stood up the new added weight of them was something else. After awhile they will feel like they have always been there.

I went in on Fri for a 1 wk PO check. I was told...

I went in on Fri for a 1 wk PO check. I was told the implants have already dropped nicely and he didn't want them dropping anymore while the pocket is healing. So my initial instruction of no bra for 6 wks has changed. Now he wants me in something wireless with lift, no side support though because he doesn't want the side of the pockets closed off. So I've been instructed to go buy a granny bra. LOL Super sexy! No sports bra though. Too much support he says. Also, I don't have to wear the compression strap anymore either. I was only wearing it at night, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

I went back to work with restrictions on Thurs. It's been going well. I've been taking it easy. My coworkers have been helpful too. Overall the discomfort is definitely improving. I stopped taking narcs (taking at night only) on day 3. I'm still taking the robaxin around the clock, along with ES Tylenol. I tried stopping the Celebrex since it was crazy expensive and I was out of my rx (almost $6 a pill!), but I think I need it on the days I work, so I refilled it. I haven't been cleared to take ibuprofen or Aleve for at least another 2 weeks. My PS is very conservative when it comes to controlling bleeding risk!

I'll try to get some new pics up. I'm very pleased with how they look!
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