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Two months ago I finally convinced my husband that...

Two months ago I finally convinced my husband that getting my breasts done would mean the world to me. I've always been fairly flat but after breast feeding three tots, the little I possessed vanished.
I have used chicken cutlets' in my bra and bathing suits for as long as I can remember (believe it or not, socks in high school lol)
I recall a surf lesson some years ago, getting washed up on the beach, minus one of my breast stuffings lol Embarrassing as it was fairly obvious that one breast was missing a cutlet. Ha! I'd like those days to be behind me for good :)
The plan is to get my surgery next summer and I just cannot wait. I enjoy being active and just recently have taken up running so I'd like to keep my implants on the smaller end of the spectrum.
My measurements:
5 feet 7 inches
112 lbs
32 AA or AAA (can't even remember as I've always bought 34B bras from VS and throw in a cutlet ;)
Would love:
A very natural slope
Sub 250 ccs
Moderate plus.
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Thanks for your review, I'm excited for you! Next summer is a while to wait but I'm sure time will fly. I can definitely relate with doing away with all the "extras", to not to have to go to all that trouble on a daily basis would be fantastic :) Good luck!
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Good luck!!! God bless you
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Thanks so much!
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Check out my pics of 225cc. Even though mine are overs, that's about what yours would look like under the muscle as far as size. Mine are HP also, so the projection is more also. I run every day and practice yoga and they do not interfere with that at all. Congrats!! It's exciting to research and pick a date. It's soooo nice not to stuff your bra, and yet with small implants, you can still buy push up bras for special occasions and they look huge!!!
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It is exciting! 225cc looks gorgeous on your frame, thanks for commenting and giving me a frame of reference. I haven't had much luck finding small implant gals so this was great to see. I am very sorry to hear about the capsular contracture I'm wishing you the very best with the upcoming revision ... Will definitely keep up with your updates. Good luck.
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Thanks!! What an adventure. I am planning to go a little bigger as a consolation prize for having to go under again, but I would have been nervous to go any bigger before because you have no idea what it will look like on your frame and if it will interfere with working out. Now I know there is room for more and I'm excited about the revision. Best of luck with your plans. Keep us posted, too.
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