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Hello im karenda im 25 years old i have three...

hello im karenda im 25 years old i have three beautiful children along with a wonderful boyfriend who happens to love me for who i am an look bit im no happ with my body i've had three c-sections an have the nastiest scare fromit im not just doing this for me but for my children to obesity runs in my family an i lost my mother from it at 20 years old we never really had a life with her because she was always embraced to be in public i dont wanna live like that an i want my kids to see the world im from a little town called iowa an i need some good advice.(plz)

Hi Karenda! I haven't had kids yet, but my mom and all my sisters have had babies through c-section, and having kids certainly does a number of a woman's body - if only men got pregnant LOL. I think for many people who have a lot of muscle loss due to pregnancy and muscle weakness a tummy tuck plus BBL surgery usually works wonders. Wishing you all the best!!
Hi Karenda, I can relate to you because I've had 2 c sections & I'm not happy with my body either & also considwring a bbl. it's pretty cool how you can remove the fat from where u hate & put in the butt!:)
dont know

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