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Botox Bumps/lumps on Forehead

I love the botox but really makes me wonder if...

I love the botox but really makes me wonder if this is where these strange lumps are coming from. I have had them for years now and wonder if anyone knows a treatment for these. I do not want to surgically have them removed because that will leave scarring.

I have been getting botox for years and I now have small bumps/lumps on my forehead. I had a biopsy done on one and it was just fat. The doctor didn't know if this was due to botox injections or not. I suspect it is. What do you think?

hey i need help wit my forhead can somene please help me any docters out there can u plse get back too me iv too big lumps on my head an im sp peroniod i cant speak to people or open my front door im hearin noices in my head tellin me things plse i need help ...


Leanne, please contact your doctor immediately.

Minnesota Dermatologist

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