Mini Tummy Tuck

I had my mini tummy tuck performed in Venezuela...

I had my mini tummy tuck performed in Venezuela where the doctors are abundant and the costs are reasonable. I have 3 kids and have a good body but the extra skin was bugging me. I didn't like to wear my bikini cause my abs just weren't flat.

I am a week and a half out and still too swollen to tell if i am happy. The pain has been almost nothing, a little sore but that is it. I am back to all my activities. Just waiting for this horrible swelling to subside!

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My doctor was friendly, listened to my concerns, and explained everything.

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I heard a lot of bad things about getting surgery outside of the U.S..
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How big is your scar ? And what is the name of the doctor ? I'm thinking of going to Venezuela to get it done but I will like a reference .. Thank you in adavance!
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