Just Back From ZOOM - A Very Neutral Opinion

I just got home from the dentist's office. Here...

I just got home from the dentist's office. Here are some highlights:

  • WOW results (and my teeth weren't really bad to begin with)
  • Only a few zingers that randomly come and go as they please
  • Having to keep my mouth open for over an hour was easier with the ZOOM than it was when having to keep it open for cavity fillings. Your jaw isn't extended with this procedure.


  • It was a LONG procedure. It was 2.5 hours to be exact
  • I felt a little burning sensation beginning with "round 2." I thought my upper lip was starting to catch on fire. She put more cream on and then it was fine.
  • By the middle of round 3, I started to get a couple of zingers. I did not like that uncontrolled feeling that just pops up randomly. It throws you off for a few seconds.

All in all, I am doing just fine and my teeth look really good! The $300 I spent is going to charity so I feel good about doing it. I used Fluordex toothpaste for 2 weeks prior to this procedure. It probably helped quite a bit. I bought it on Ebay for $13.


Thanks for the tip about the Fluordex toothpaste! Its always good to hear what people have used to decrease the sensitivity they experience with Zoom.

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Hi Everyone- Well, it's been a couple years and I...

Hi Everyone-
Well, it's been a couple years and I think my teeth are right back to where they were before doing to ZOOM. Such a disappointment to spend that kind of money and only get very temporary results.

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