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I had a rhinoplasty revision with Dr. Campbell and...

I had a rhinoplasty revision with Dr. Campbell and my results were very poor. I was left with a very large ball of cartilage on one side of my tip that, without saying, made everything very asymmetrical. Even though I have since had it revised by another doctor, much of the damage caused is irreversible. The emotional and fiancial distress from this experience have been life changing.

Years later and still depressed

Years later and I am still in complete distress over my nose. I can't express how important it is for people to stay AWAY from this doctor. He will completely screw up your face. I want my money back to help pay for some of the many hours of counseling it is taking me to heal from this disaster. I promise you all: you are better to do nothing at all than to put your face into the hands of this doctor.


I have been for pictures several times since my initial post, so I thought I would finally provide one. In this picture you will see the right "bump" (looks like a mosquito bite) on the left tip of my nose. Dr. Campbell did not think this needed to be fixed, nor would he refund any of my money so that one of the 4 doctors I met with after him (who all told me this very much needed to be fixed) could help correct this for me (ironically, for all of you out there comparing prices, Dr. Campbell was nearly double in price from these 4 other facial plastic surgeons). I am devastated. Even after going to a very skilled surgeon to help correct this, Dr. Campbell's work cannot be undone. Please think twice about going to this doctor. As always, please direct any questions or comments to me. I would be more than happy to share. Luckily, I have already saved a bunch of people from going to this man. I would love to help others. There are some really great surgeons out there, this man is not one of them.
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Hi, Who did your revision nose job?
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Dr. Richard Parfitt in Middleton, WI. What I wouldn't give to have gone to him from the beginning! Much less expensive than Campbell, too. I happened to randomly meet a woman who had terrible results from a face lift with Campbell, but found much relief after a revision procedure with Parfitt.
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..although I should also state that, if I could do it all over again, I would never have touched my original nose in the first place! After all the botched surgeries, it's just too risky.
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Can I ask exactly what happened and why the cartilage/damage can't be removed? How many rhinoplasties have you had and what did you originally go for the doctor for? Is it rib cartilage, ear cartilage, etc.? Why can't that cartilage be removed? I'm so sorry for what you've been through; I'm considering a third rhinoplasty to remove severe scarring from rhinoplasty #2 that has left me with a nose much like yours (ear cartilage shifted after injury/prolonged swelling) and already frightened of going through the stress of this procedure again.
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Hi there. Believe it or not that bump is not due to the addition of any cartilage. While the doctor that performed my revisions to Dr. Campbell's botch job did reduce the bump significantly, I guess the damage was so great that - structurally - it could not be removed fully. I don't completely understand it, but I trust the Dr. that performed my revision. He even provided me with pictures of what my nose looked like when he first opened it up and I cannot believe Dr. Campbell would have thought it okay to sew me up when it looked that way. The bump was so evident even at that point!! To date, if you feel my nose from the outside it is so bumpy. I am absolutely devastated. I have been to three surgeons now. Dr. Campbell was the second. The first one didn't do anything (make any difference), so that is why I went to Dr. Campbell. Biggest mistake of my life. I was foolishly awed by all the bells and whistles of his advertising and facility, but BELIEVE ME, that does not equate to a good surgeon!
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Oh my dear! I am deeply touched by you experience.mine is slightly different from yours cos my surgeon, dr sunnil choudary/dr prateek arora. Plastic surgeons in max institute of aesthetic/reconstructive surgery in newdelhi,saket gave me a nose of a cancer patience even though I had only a deviated septum/ enlarged turbinates.for me these two are the worst plastic surgeons in the whole world and should not be allowed to practice anymore.Am planning for a revision.once am done, it will be a great pleasure to expose these evil doctors who turned our dreams into a nightmare!pls don't give up so soon, I believe that if you hang on for a while light will surely come. Good luck in you quest for a better nose.
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Thank you, hun. I wish you the best of luck as well. What is in my power is to get the message out and warn people about Dr. Campbell. I hope you are doing the same with your inadequate surgeons. Best of luck!!
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Keep your questions/messages coming! Nobody deserves to suffer like this - I am happy to help!
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I'm truly sorry about your unhappy results.

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