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I had a rhinoplasty revision with Dr. Campbell and...

I had a rhinoplasty revision with Dr. Campbell and my results were very poor. I was left with a very large ball of cartilage on one side of my tip that, without saying, made everything very asymmetrical. Even though I have since had it revised by another doctor, much of the damage caused is irreversible. The emotional and fiancial distress from this experience have been life changing.


I'm truly sorry about your unhappy results.

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Years later and still depressed

Years later and I am still in complete distress over my nose. I can't express how important it is for people to stay AWAY from this doctor. He will completely screw up your face. I want my money back to help pay for some of the many hours of counseling it is taking me to heal from this disaster. I promise you all: you are better to do nothing at all than to put your face into the hands of this doctor.

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I have been for pictures several times since my initial post, so I thought I would finally provide one. In this picture you will see the right "bump" (looks like a mosquito bite) on the left tip of my nose. Dr. Campbell did not think this needed to be fixed, nor would he refund any of my money so that one of the 4 doctors I met with after him (who all told me this very much needed to be fixed) could help correct this for me (ironically, for all of you out there comparing prices, Dr. Campbell was nearly double in price from these 4 other facial plastic surgeons). I am devastated. Even after going to a very skilled surgeon to help correct this, Dr. Campbell's work cannot be undone. Please think twice about going to this doctor. As always, please direct any questions or comments to me. I would be more than happy to share. Luckily, I have already saved a bunch of people from going to this man. I would love to help others. There are some really great surgeons out there, this man is not one of them.


Thank you so much. I'm so glad your doing better.
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Thank you. Although, I am still quite depressed over my results. I feel so guilty for not taking the time to pick a skilled surgeon.
Hi, Who did your revision nose job?
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Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon

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