New to Invisalign and Didn't Expect So Much PAIN! - Milwaukee, WI

I an on day three of my first trays. The initial...

I an on day three of my first trays. The initial pain was almost unbearable and I honestly did not expect it. I have 16 more trays to go and I have a bottle of extra strength tylenol on hand which has helped. Today is day three for me and I am in much less pain, there was a lot of pain the first two days when I removed the aligners to eat. I COULD BARELY EAT! Today that pain was almost non existent. I am definitely dreading the pain of each new aligner I get. I am drinking nothing but water with my aligners in but I am tempted to get some straws so that I can drink juice with them in; however, I am so paranoid about getting cavities that I just might not. I also get my attachments on this week, 2 top, 4 bottom. I was never told that they are sharp or may cause irritation!!

My first day, I was in deep regret, but I wont turn back, I think about the outcome I want and will have to suffer through it! (Also, after my treatment is done, I will have a gingivectomy for my gummy smile)


Hi, can you tell me which clinic you went to in milwaukee? i live in waukesha, wi and $3000 seems pretty reasonable price. thanks again
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When you get your attachments on, Ill bet you find you end up more comfortable with your aligners on than off.. I do - Weird. (Ps- dont drink anything other than water - its not worth it.)
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thanks, i wont risk it I just noticed that i have bitten my jaw, i have two very very small cuts near my two rear teeth on the lower left :(
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