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Had juvaderm injected around mouth in folds. While...

Had juvaderm injected around mouth in folds. While I was 100% happy with the result, it only lasted 2-3 months. Not worth the money unless it lasted much longer. Hear me Juvaderm manufacturer?

Cascadia Medispa

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Hi Milwaukee,

Actually, it's not that the Juvederm doesn't last all that long it's that your body broke it down faster. According to our expert Q&A it is your body and the placement of the Juvederm that determines how long it will last. Area's around the month, due to the constant movement, i.e. talking, chewing etc. will naturally not to last as long.

Also you said you were 100% happy with the results (yay), but gave it a not worth it. Was that because it didn't last as long as you hoped, if it had last longer would you have given it a better rating?

Thanks for the review, hope the information helps and please keep me updated.


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