23 Excited/extremely Nervous. Help! - Milwaukee, WI

I'm 23. I've always been skinny 5'6 118 lbs. I've...

I'm 23. I've always been skinny 5'6 118 lbs. I've always wanted boobs but never got any. I've toyed around w the idea of BA and actually had a surgery date but chickened out. It's been over a year and I still want one so I went and made an appt. The date is two months away and I find myself everyday going back and forth. I know I want boobs that's not a question. But I've always been a bit of a worry wart so I get so scared about the negatives. Anyone else experience this!? I'm doing silicon unders. I'm not exactly sure on the size yet. Any opinions or suggestions on how to keep my mind on the positive?
Check out my profile when you can! I went to six surgeons before i made my decision. My surgeon is awesome and he's not far from Milwaukee!!!
What you are feeling is completely normal. It's a big undertaking and not to be taken lightly. With that being said, it's also a procedure that you will feel grateful you did for yourself every single day, so it's worth it, completely. Check out my review and so many others -- many women share their feelings on here, so you will know you're not alone. As far as size, that's a big, personal decision. Go with what your doc recommends. I have 350s hp silicone unders and love them, but I started with225 overs, so I have gone through these emotions twice. You will be just fine after recovery, and once they feel as if they have always been yours, you get to thoroughly enjoy this new aspect of your life. It changes so many things in so many awesome ways... Congrats on beginning the journey.
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