Closed Rhinoplasty and Upper Blepharoplasty

I had both upper eyelid surgery and a closed...

I had both upper eyelid surgery and a closed rhinoplasty. My recovery was pretty much pain free, the worst part is the nasal packing and, after that is removed, the stuffiness. I've never liked the tip of my nose (too big and round), and I also had a small hump on my bridge. But, just 1.5 weeks after surgery, and I don't think the changes are as dramatic as what I was hoping for. The hump is gone, yes, and the tip is a bit smaller, but overall it still looks like my nose before. I dont even think people that know I've had surgery would be able to really see much of a difference. Yes, I know its still very early in the healing process, but I don't see how my nose is going to change very dramatically from what it is now.

That said, I did not have any specific size or shape in mind when I decided to get the surgery. I just told my surgeon what I disliked about my nose, and left it to him to enhance it as much as possible, thinking that this is his area of expertise...I don't know what changes would look best with my other facial structures, I only know what I don't like. Maybe I didn't state strongly enough how much I didn't like it? I'm pretty sure he could've done more to make it look better, albeit more noticeably different.

So, in the end, my nose is improved, but not dramatically so. I dislike my nose less than before, but I still don't really LIKE it. It seems like for $6k, I should at least get to say I like it now.

My eyelids are still a bit too soon to say, as there is still some swelling. Right now they seem to look only slightly improved too, but that may be all they needed, whereas I feel like my nose could still stand to be improved on (though I don't really plan to do another rhinoplasty).

my doctor was T Korkos. And to update this - there is NO difference in the tip of my nose. I don't believe anything was done to it, just to the small hump at the bridge (again, the MAIN reason I wanted the surgery was for the tip...). If I were to do it again I would probably choose a different surgeon. Either that or be EXTREMELY clear on exactly what you want done.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am looking to have my hump removed. Where you satified with how your hump removal turned out? I'm just very worried about the surgery in general such as its hurting and being scared to go under the knife.
yes, that part was fine. and he was even able to do it as a closed rhinoplasty rather than open, so less invasive, easier healing etc. the worst part is the 2 days of nasal packing and just the general stuffiness as you're healing...not painful. More like when you are really congested with a bad cold - except this will of course last longer than a cold. I suppose the type of surgery (open vs closed) may depend on how big the hump is? Mine was not really too big.
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The staff was very friendly, helpful and kind throughout my consultations and surgery (in hindsight though, I do wish my surgeon had asked more questions about what my expectations were).

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