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New Invisalign Express 5 - Millburn, NJ

I got my impressions for them yesterday. It is 5...

I got my impressions for them yesterday. It is 5 aligners or less, so two and a half months. But for that short of a time, its quite expensive. I never wanted to have Metal braces and my parents didn`t want to pay for them but I convinced them since a small treatment. I considered it for a long time and I finally got it. I have a small gap in my two front teeth because of bad angular placement. The impressions were very hard. If you are a mouth breather it may be very hard for you to get invisalign.
Also, it is very rare for someone to qualify for Express and even less for Express 5.

Wow, you are right, that is a lot of money for just 5 trays, but I suppose the treatment plan still has to be worked up just like a full case and perhaps that is where the expense is.

Do you know when your trays will come in, or will the office call you when they arrive?

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