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I workout 5 times a week and cant seem to beat...

i workout 5 times a week and cant seem to beat the pouch and love handles. i don't have the funds or time for the full tummy tuck, and i DO want more kids eventually. i heard about this, saw the results, so figured id give it a go. I did one big one on the stomach pouch area, and two smalls on the love handles. At first they did the sides, it felt like a vacuum hose sucking the fat for 45 min. after they removed the suction thing, then massaged the fat block back into the skin... that's when the burning started. It was intense.. not going to lie, it sucked bad; however .. it was only for a few minutes (about 5). At that point i did NOT want to do the tummy area. They talked me into it, and at that point i was in no pain so i went for it. The burning pain from the stomach wasn't nearly as bad as the sides; very uncomfortable and hot. Again, after around 5 min it was like nothing had happened so it was all worth it. I had a few red marks for a few days, it felt like an interior bruise for a few days, but also numb. I was definitely swollen so that was kind of depressing after spending 2k on it... but like they said 4/8 weeks for final results. after the first 7 days it got itchy at night, still is at night around the second week. I still haven't seen any results, so im kinda nervous? at least i feel back to normal without swelling though. cross your fingers and ill report back !
How's it going now? Would love to know how things have progressed!
it was a complete waste of time and money !!!!! ugh!
I'm not sure how I found this website, but I appreciate all the input everyone gives about their procedures. Yours interested me the most, because I am similar in build to you, and have the same problem area(s). It seems to me, the only people this cool sculpting works on are those with "minor" problem areas, i.e., say, Kate Upton goes on a two week vacation and has too many margaritas and uses too much bleu cheese dressing on her salads...this procedure would definitely work for her... Sorry, but like you, I've worked out my whole lifetime...had to, it was imperative for my job in law enforcement. I've ALWAYS had problems with my midsection...and I have a lot of visceral and subcutaneous fat. Had liposuction twice but it doesn't work, because never enough fat was removed. I'm going to look in to a "mini tummy tuck." Have you researched that?
Yann Lin, MD

The doctor was very nice and down to earth. when i went in for my free consultation there was a big sense of urgency to book or to get there credit card account, so that made me nervous. After more studying on my own i went in. During the procedure they tried offering me an additional cream for my skin, not to much sales pressure, but it was definitively a pitch. I didn't purchase it without researching it (which i haven't). but over all, they were very nice and talked me through everything, and comforted me in my uncomfortable period. i guess i dont feel comfortable rating them until i know if this procedure is bogus or not!

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