The Biggest Mistake of my Life ... a Dream Become a Nightmare. - Milano, TX

Are subject to a 23-year-old on August 26, 2013 I...

are subject to a 23-year-old on August 26, 2013 I will never forget that terrible day I decided to get a tattoo on my right arm .. now hated by the poor quality of the artist performing the work from that day .. My life has become a nightmare, so I decided to do a cover-up thinking that my nightmare was over, it did not go so well .. it is now a year who suffer from depression do not know what to do whether to continue coverage or begin a long laser treatment that I do not know if I will bring good results, I feel very frustrated by this thing I'm ashamed to show my arm and the thought of going to sea, and terrible as far as I'm ashamed I do not know what to do ...

difficult decisions

continue coverage does not continue? I feel at a crossroads and do not know which way to go I'm stuck ..



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Hey just checking in to see how you are doing
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aloha simonvegas91, Eva has some wonderful thoughts for you. There are many of us here that have gone through the horrible depression that comes with tattoo gone bad. We just never expect these things to happen. I called my posting "a nightmare" also. It is so unexpected and that is what shocks us the most. We think things will go well, we put so much trust into the process. You will get support on this forum. Many will encourage you to get a consultation with an expert, consultations often give us answers and ultimately some hope. You are not alone, we are all here for you. Good luck and keep us posted. aloha...k
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aloha simonvegas91, I understand your sense of depression and feeling terrible. I was there, as have many here on this forum have been. I spent many weeks crying, sleepless nights after my ink regret sunk in. I went to counseling and it made me feel a bit better. Talking things over with a professional was helpful. Consultations with a dermatologist about laser removal also helped. Knowing the possible solutions helped me tackle planning for the future. I wish you all the best, as we all do here on this forum. We help each other by sharing our experiences and supporting each other. You are not alone in this. We are here for you. aloha...k
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So glad you found us!!! I completely understand your predicament (I am in the process of removing a large cover up - Blackberry11 is my review) and how this can be a difficult decision for you to make with regard to cover up or removal.

Now, this is my opinion only, and I don't want to sway you one direction or the other as this is completely a decision you will need to make on your own, however in saying that my first reaction to seeing your tattoo was that your cover up was off to a great start - in fact I had 2 other members of my family come take a peek and without me saying anything they thought the same thing. NOW that is just what we think, you are the person who has to be 100% confident that it's what you want. Some things to think about to help you with this decision: 

- What is it that you don't like about the cover up so far? 
- Are you open to fading for a cover up in case full removal isn't possible?  Then you can select a different design.
- Do you want a tattoo at all?  
- If you had a tattoo you liked do you think you would still regret every getting one? 

Now to address the emotional side of this, you mention you are suffering from depression and your life has become a nightmare. How so? (you don't have to give details, just think about it and how a tattoo would change your life as you have the power to control that)  Now, remember I have been through this, so I understand exactly how it feels with regard to feeling like your life is a mess, and all the emotional turmoil you feel at the moment, but I also know that you can fix this and your first step was taking the time to share your story with us and being open, now you can start to move forward and we (community) will be with you every step of the way! 

I don't mean to turn my comment into a book, but I want to help turn your thoughts around and empower you to begin healing and gaining back your confidence, in turn your taking control of your life again! Trust me, every single person on this planet experiences a dark period in their life whether by a decision they made or something completely out of their control. When we do, it is natural for our first thought to be to throw in the towel and surrender to our depression and give up - you obviously don't want to do that anymore because you are searching for a solution and I am proud of you for that!

You are feeling pain now because of the gap of your current situation and where you want to be in the future. To use Nietzsche as an example, a world famous philosopher, who believed that the more suffering we encounter in life the stronger we become.  Basically when you suffer through something that you think is horrible and you believe are depressed over, eventually you will see that something good will come out of this as you will learn to become stronger internally. 

As for now simply accept that you are confused and not happy with your current situation in relation to your tattoo, but know that eventually you will find the answer that will make you happy and you will use this as a learning experience and take this to realize you can overcome anything.

Please stay with us and keep us posted. 


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hello eva thanks for the comment of encouragement .. in many say that the cover is ok, the koi carp had to be the symbol of revival but has given me the self-esteem that I had .. and I'm not proud indeed and a source of shame .. for this I feel a little stuck if I finish it to start a laser process that I do not know what the results will bring me the dream would be to get back his arm as before but I know that it is virtually impossible .. before I really liked the tattoos I was looking ' now you have one I have one on my neck that I love and not cancellerei ever .. but this experience has upset me emotionally. before I envied those who had tattooed arms now those who do not .. guilt destroy me every day is a struggle ... I'm glad to have found this community .. and I know I 'm not the only person to feel certain feelings my family thinks is a trivial problem for me is very serious and not I am also taken seriously .. I would never have thought that a tattoo I would have so affected the lives and physical and mental health ..
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