Vaser Lipo on Abdomen, Flanks, Hips and Mons Pubis - Not Worth It

Had Vaser Lipo on abdomen, flanks, hips and mons...

Had Vaser Lipo on abdomen, flanks, hips and mons pubis, monday 5/17/10. It is now Thursday and have a lot of pain, swelling and bruising. I stooped the perocet because I havent had a bm and perocet just makes me feel ill. I took the binder off and only noticed my stomach flatter. I have much more bruising then expected because I looked over several before and after photos all of which looked better then mine. My pubis area is swollen to 10 times it normal size.

I did it because i am turning 40 in Jully and want to look my best. I would not recommend too painful and long recovery.I will give it more time and post another comment.

I will undergo procedure next week in the Naugatuck surgery center. I am a bit anxious. If you don't mind me asking. Did they use anesthesia for you? And how long did it take you to get back to normal ?
My pubis area swelled up like that also, they said i was not wearing my binder tight enough but when i started to i felt as if i created blood clotts on my sides and now my pubis area is huge on the right side with a hard spot under it...and the left side is likeis was to begin with, i hope all this is normal, im going tomorrow to check...did your hips go numb for a while after the procedure?
did the doctor say yours was a bad reaction?
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