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Smoothed my Pitted Acne Scars and Lightened Melasma - Mid Missouri, MO

Receiving the Vi peel was fantastic! I was looking...

Receiving the Vi peel was fantastic! I was looking for something to significantly help my acne scars and melasma, and just my overall dull skintone. After all the peeling was finished, my skin looked AMAZING. I'm talking my confidence raised, I could not wait to put on makeup and see how my skin looked then.

My husband immediately noticed and commented about how good it looked. As with any treatment you are bound to have a little bit of discomfort, however its NOTHING compared to receiving botox or Juvederm! Not painful at all, but if you pick at it and peel the skin before its ready, it does sting a little, and can even scar by doing that. I've had alot of treatments in the past and spent alot of money for things that didnt do anything for my skin. I am hooked on the Vi Peels now and my skin is thanking me for it.

Hey skingirl1, thanks for the review! How long ago did you do the peels and what type of acne scars did you have before? Were they pitted with sharp edges?Thanks!

Glad to hear things worked out so well for you with the peel. Would you post some pictures so we can see the results??

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