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I had CO2 laser resurfacing on May 24th and here...

I had CO2 laser resurfacing on May 24th and here it is, July 6th, and I have seen NO results whatsoever! How long b4 I see ANYTHING? All help is welcome. I had a facelift in May 2009, then punch excision for acne pits, then the laser and my face does NOT look any better. Plus, I had my eyes done at the time of my FL and now, I have "fat bags" under them. HELP! :)


I also forgot to mention that I had Botox treatments in my deep "number one" (between my eyes) and wrinkles on the outside of my eyes. WAY more than "crow's feet". NOTHING! I don't see a bit of difference. Also, perhaps my age would help......I'll be 61 in December. Please, ladies.............any thoughts for me? I'm very discouraged. I feel like I've been to hell and back---all for nothing! Not to mention the already $15K I've spent! ):
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I do NOT wish to rate my doctor at this time...I'll see after six months. However, so far, I DO like him and he has excellent ratings on the web.

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