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Tray 8 - Not Bad So Far - Mid Florida, FL

Started Invisalign at 41...about time. My twin...

Started Invisalign at 41...about time. My twin sister and I got braces about the same time - she got the metal braces instead. We have some of the same mouth/teeth problems so it will be interesting to see each of our results. I am on tray 3 of 40 and just got 15 "buttons" added today. Hope my teeth will feel clean again because all I can feel is the buttons and not smooth teeth. Probably because I have so many of buttons due to crowded teeth. Lol. Process has been good so far. 74 more weeks to go not that I am counting. And you CAN see the buttons on front teeth - just gotta get used to it. The process of putting the buttons on was an adventure but seriously not bad. Can't wait until I see big time results.


It will definitely be interesting to hear how things go between you and your sister's treatment. Do you happen to be going to the same orthodontist?

What went on that made getting the buttons put on an adventure? Did they not want to adhere to your teeth?

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I had 16 buttons put on (agian, my teeth are very crowded) and the procedure to put them on was "different". My mouth was propped wide open and another plastic tool (torture device LOL) held my tongue still. My mouth had to be completely dry which was "fun" but bearable. The buttons held on perfectly and had no issues with that part. And no, my sister and I don't have the same orthodonist. It's funny that her orthodontist said that he didn't think Invisalign would work for either of us. Here's to straight teeth for us both.

Oh yeah, it sounds like you had a bite block and/or lip retractors in. That definitely gets old quick. So glad you were able to get through it, and that you are off and running with your treatment now!

That is interesting about her ortho's thoughts on you guys not being good candidates for Invisalign. It makes me even more curious to hear how things go for you.

I'll certainly join in your cheer for straight teeth for the both of you! :)

The beginning of week 2 with tray 3 isn't so bad. ...

The beginning of week 2 with tray 3 isn't so bad. Easier to get the trays out for sure and it does feel better when trays are in which shocked me. The buttons themselves are kinda sharp so the trays help alleviate the sharpness.

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I am on tray 8 of 40. I took out my original...

I am on tray 8 of 40. I took out my original pictures out from before I started on and compared it to my teeth now. What a huge difference already. I can't believe that the teeth have moved that much. So far so good! And not a lot of pain yet.

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