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Pain and Discomfort from Banding Effect and Eyes Still Sensitive - Mid Florida, FL

Because I have pain, discomfort, and pulling every...

Because I have pain, discomfort, and pulling every day I feel I am actually suffering from a disability. It has been almost one year. I keep wondering if anything can be done to help. I tried kenalog. Should I go to a neurogist as some of it is pain frm scar tissue and recovering nerves I am told. Has anyone else gone thru this? Why me?

I'm sorry you're dealing with these complications. Would love to see your photos if you'd feel comfortable posting them for us.

Fiona, I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I wish that you would have named the doctor that has done this to you. You might save others from going through the same pain. Don't you think that if you would have read something similar from what you wrote about the doctor before your surgery, you likely wouldn't have selected him? I went through 2 corrections after my surgery and had wished that I would have read something like what you wrote which would have deterred me from even looking at this doctor in the first place. I hope you reconsider and write another review naming the doctor.
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Attended a lecture.

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