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Grey-tan Discoloration in NL Line After Juve Ultra Plus Yesterday - Illinois, IL

It does not appear to be a bruise as in the past....

It does not appear to be a bruise as in the past. More a grey-bandaid color and flat.

Also, there is a definite ridge between the cheek areas where injected and my own cheek area - which I am massaging to get rid of (hopefully). I didnt have thiese problems with "regular" Juvederm in the past. So Im not sure what this is or how long it will last.

A lot of money for a big problem now! We think fillers are the great alternative to surgery, but they are also fraught with potential problems and undesired effects. At least (we hope) they arent permanent problems.

Now that there has been a few more days for things to settle in what are you seeing? Has the area cleared up, or does it still look odd?

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