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I went to a very highly recommended spa. the...

I went to a very highly recommended spa. the esthiteciant there studied in europe and has a great knowledge and good educational backgroud.

HOWEVER - I am not happy with the results. I am very disappointed I spent the money on it. This is my first time, so unless my skin is going to look better in a few days and I shouldnt be looking fo immediate results...I dont want to ever waste my money on this again.

I am only 24 and I dont have wrinkles but the tell tell signs where I am starting to start to have wrinkles, if that makes sense and I was told this would help with that and clean out my pores.

I have very good, normal, clean skin. I dont even wear make up. And I have never had break outs or zits and black head problems, and after the treatment today I could CLEARLY see without being all up in the mirror - it looked like all the pores on my nose were full of dirt - blackheads.

I had a deep pore cleansing facial done last week just to aid in the process...I really hope there is more to it then what I see now. She told me to come back in 14 days for treatment 2 - but honestly I dont want to waste my money if im only still going to look the same as i did before this treatment.

Island Spa in Stuart, FL

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