Save Your Money - I could have washed my face at home - Beverly Hills, CA

Keep your money. I could have washed my face at...

Keep your money. I could have washed my face at home. They will tell you how much better your skin looks and feels. But it feels and looks better after you shower as well. I would do it again if it were free or under $20 because it was relaxing

I have tried microdermabrasion in the past also. My skin "issues" are freckles from sun damage and dryness. While I have some very fine lines, they aren't enough for me to be overly annoyed with. I did find microdermabrasion to leave my skin very soft, but I can get the same result just taking care of my skin with at home micros and good daily care. Perhaps those with more skin issues see more significant results. I just tried a green peel today to see if that will help with the sun damage and am hopeful.
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